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New York....

Tamera Moulder

Just back from my fourth New York trip…this one mostly work/business with a little touristy fun mixed in.  Accessories the Show was our target for the week with the show lasting for three days.  Then there’s set-up and take-down/packing.  All of which is a lot of work.  When I go to do a market, my friends all say, “have fun”.  I used to counter with “it’s work”, but I no longer do as I know a lot of people in this business and have made friends there also.

Now, about NY, we all know that Texans are quite friendly and to be honest, we will and can talk to anyone and everyone we meet.  New Yorkers are much more centered on their own agenda which is not a negative thing.  I finally figured it out.  Here we go…..Texans have wide open spaces and people are much more spread out so we can greet most of the people we meet.  New Yorkers on the other hand could not possibley greet, acknowledge, and speak to everyone they meet on the streets of their city and they  do expand that to wherever they are.  I get it.  They are focused on their destination and project at hand.  They function this way out of the necessity to cope with their surroundings.

But, if you are in New York and have lost your way because you don’t follow directions well, some nice New Yorker just might approach you with….”Can I assist you?  Where are you trying to go?”  And that did happen to us on this trip.  How wonderful!  I love New York…..but always great to be back home on Texas soil.  Will look forward to my next visit!