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Sugar Pop Set - 25 Gemstone Bracelets

Set of 25 Gemstone Bracelets 

Gemstone Colors: 

- Mystic Blue Tibetan Agate, Mystic Blue Fire Agate, Mystic Yellow Sardonyx, Mystic Sand Sardonyx, Mystic Pink Sardonyx, Mystic Pink Cat's Eye, Mystic Turquoise Agate, Mystic Labradorite, Mystic Gray Agate, Mystic White Tibetan Agate, Mystic Multi Sardonyx, Mystic Turquoise Cat's Eye, Mystic Amazonite, Purple Tibetan Agate, Mystic Blue Cat's Eye, Mystic Pink Quartz, Mystic Pink Fire Agate, Mystic Purple Sardonyx, Mystic Natural Opal, Mystic Sun Sardonyx, Mystic Green Sardonyx, Mystic Red Sardonyx, Mystic Green Cat's Eye, Mystic Natural Carnelian, Mystic Green Amazonite

  • $450.00